1st Person To Win 2 Golds For India At WTG : Ankita Shrivastava

Ankita Srivastava, who represented the country in athletics at the World Transplant Games with 1500 contestants from 53 countries, made the country proud by winning 3 medals  and raising the tricolor at the Games held in New Castle United Kingdom.The World Transplant Games is a celebration of the second chance of life, demonstrating the success of transplant surgery and promoting the need to raise public awareness of organ and tissue donation.The manager of the Indian team was twice heart transplanted Reena Raju of Bangalore. 

Ankita won the silver medal with a timing of 17.21 in the 100m race.  She won a gold with a  throw of 31.7 meters in the ball throw and followed that with another gold medal with in long jump of 3.61 meters.

The competition saw the participants of 53 countries who attended the colorful opening ceremony of the Games with their country’s flags. The event saw competitions of football, archery, volleyball, cycling, badminton, squash, tennis, bowling, golf, swimming, basketball, dart etc. along with athletics.  

Ankita’s journey was not easy after donating the organ. For this, Ankita first took fitness training  under the guidance of the fitness coach Satish Kumar at Bhojpur Club Bhopal’s CrossFit, followed by Madhya Pradesh State Sports Academy’s Athletics at the Sports Authority of India (Sai) Bhopal organized camp.  From  coach, fitness expert and international technical officer Amit Gautam, she learned the nuances of the sprint & long jump. It is noteworthy that Amit Gautam has also trained the state’s Olympic athlete Ankit Sharma.
Ankita Srivastava Samprati, a former student of St. Joseph’s Convent School Idgah Hills, Bhopal, is the Vice President at Ankita Adarsh Private Limited and an executive producer of 6.5 million USD projects with 14 Indian and Nepalese pre schools. At the age of 19, her book ‘I Hope We Last’ was published.

Who can participate Entry is open to recipients of life-supporting allografts and heamopoetic cell transplants from other individuals or species which require or have required the use of immunosuppressive drug therapies.Competitors must have been transplanted for at least 1 year, with stable graft function, be medically fit and have trained for the events in which they have entered.Donor Families and Living donors can take part in a select array of sporting events.