Healthy Women Healthy Family” program was organised under MENU Sailing Expedition

On the eighth day of the MENU sailing expedition, the cadets completed 190 kilometers of sailing and pulling. Now the aim of the cadets is to complete 220 kilometers as soon as possible. The eighth day started with the flagging off of the boats by Dr. Vijay Singh, Registrar, Rabindranath Tagore University. Cadets of the second team of the expedition participated in a program based on “Healthy Women Healthy Family”. This program was organized at Government Naval Shah High School. Under the program, an awareness campaign was conducted among the adolescent girls about the problems faced during menstruation. Actually, in some cases, women use clothes during periods, due to which the infection increases manifold during periods.

This awareness campaign was conducted by the cadets of MENU Expedition to spread awareness on this serious issue. Program During the event, all the women present were emphasized on using sanitary napkins instead of cloth. They were also made aware about the availability of sanitary napkins at reasonable affordable rates in the market and about the many NGOs providing sanitary napkins for free. In the program, Oriental School Bhopal played its role in providing 100 sanitary napkins. At the end of the program, ANO Dr. Sub Lieutenant Pooja Gupta and Jyoti Singh explained the importance of balanced diet and cleanliness to the families of the adolescent girls.