Adille Sumariwalla newly elected Vice President of World Athletics

Adille Sumariwalla elected Vice President of World Athletics at the 54th World Athletics Congress in Budapest on Thursday (17).

Adille Sumariwalla (born 1 January 1958) is an Indian athlete and entrepreneur, popular for representing India at the 1980 Moscow Olympics.Sumariwalla competed as a 100m runner in several international competitions and at the Olympics. Currently, he is the president of the Athletics Federation of India, and was elected as one of the members of council of IAAF at its 50th congress, thus becoming the first Indian to do so.He is also an entrepreneur and owns many media businesses in India, after tenures at some media companies including the American Media Company.

Adille Sumariwalla participated in the OLYMPIC GAMES, Moscow 1980 along with bagging a medal at the Asian Track and Field Championships, Tokyo 1979. He shone brightly when he bagged the gold medal at the South Asian Games in 1984 and held the National Record for 18 years in the 100m sprint category. The State Government awarded him for his Excellence in Athletics in the year 1980 alongside his Excellence in Coaching in 1999. He also played a vital role in coaching Olympians, International & National athletes. Sumariwalla has been an athlete since his school and college days. He had set the men’s 200m Collegiate Record and held it for 35 years, until Gaurang Amre broke the record. He expressed gladness as the record was broken, but at the same time expressed concern over the time taken to break the record, quoting these records should be broken “every two or three years”. He has won the national title in 100m sprint 11 times. Sumariwalla represented India at the 1980 summer olympics as a hundred-meter sprinter. He has been the Chef-de-Mission for the Indian contingent, for the 2014 Asian Games held in Incheon, South Korea. Sumariwalla is of the opinion that there has been great increase in infrastructure for sports by the government in recent years, and has quoted that “The day is not far when India can expect an Olympics Medal in Athletics”. He has also been quoted as saying “If athletes do not perform well in the Olympics, we will take action against them.” His dream finally came through when Neeraj Chopra won a Gold Medal at Tokyo Olympics, under his Presidency.

World Athletics President Sebastian Coe was elected for a third term at the 54th World Athletics Congress in Budapest on Thursday (17).

Ximena Restrepo was re-elected as a Vice President and will be joined by newly elected Vice Presidents Raul Chapado, Adille Sumariwalla and Jackson Tuwei.

A total of 192 voting members of Congress voted for Coe and three abstained. Under the World Athletics Constitution, this will be Coe’s final term as President.

In 2019, Restrepo, the 1992 Olympic 400m bronze medallist from Colombia, became the first woman to be elected as a World Athletics Vice President.

As part of the widespread reforms adopted by the World Athletics Congress at the end of 2016, World Athletics added minimum gender targets into its constitution to establish parity at all levels in the sport’s governance.

The reforms detailed a requirement to have 13 members of each gender elected to the World Athletics Council at the 2027 Congress. This target has been met four years earlier than the reform roadmap prescribed.

The remaining requirement to be met at the 2027 Congress is the election of two Vice Presidents of each gender.

“I’m grateful for the support of my colleagues and delighted to see that more of the commitments we made during the governance reform process in 2016 have come to fruition with the election of World Athletics’ first gender equal Council four years ahead of schedule,” said Coe. “But the job is not done yet and we need to keep pushing for gender parity throughout our representative bodies. The strength of our sport is in its diversity and that should be reflected in our governance at all levels.”