AFI Pre Level -I training on full swing

Today, on the fifth day of the second round of Pre-level 1 coaching by the Athletics Federation of India, today three sessions were held on Fundamentals of Running, common and specific sports injuries and Fundamentals of Jumps.
The first session was taken by Dr. R. Natrajan on Fundamentals of Running. In the session he emphasized on the technical and non technical components of running.
In the 2nd session Ms. Kamlesh Tiwana shared the information on common and specific sports injuries and the preventive steps to be taken.
The last session was taken by Mr. Bora V. Reddy on Fundamentals of Jumps. Where he explained about the importance of approach run, take off, parabola, air stay and landing. He also shared the importance of chaining technique for athletes.

By : Yogendra Deshpande