The  Oriental School Activity Monthly Sports Day

Sports is an integral part of life. It makes our life interesting, teaches us  to work hard and push our limits to reach a new height. At the same time sports teaches  us discipline, respect, friendship, leadership, resilience, teamwork and overcoming adversity. It is a crucial part of a students growth and development .

A good School not only aims to improve a students physical abilities but also help them learn a sense of good sportsmanship. 

 On 28th July , 2022 monthly sports day activity was organised for the students of The Oriental School. The students were divided into various categories.

1. Nursery, LKG- Pack your Bag race.,  2. Grade 1 to 3 Lemon spoon race., 4. to 9 – sack race

Ms. Shanti Sharma(Sports Teacher) coordinator of this event express her gratitude to Principal Ms Swapna Aphale for her presence and inspired to all, who has given the path to follow and to make dream a reality and given the firm foundation for all young minds. She is the role model for all the teachers and students for the discipline and incomparable hard work. At the same time Shanti Sharma  express gratitude to all the teachers for their active  presence and support. Ms Swapna Aphale (principal) of The  Oriental School appreciate all the students for their presence,  active participation, all fresh, happy and excited.